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A sexy milf loved taking his only son and watching him play soccer. She didn’t have a choice since she was a single mother having separated with her husband after a brutal divorce court battle and winning his sons custody. The young milf had no option but to dive into the merky waters of male world and bravely raise his only love, his son. She really enjoyed spending time with him and never missed any tournament that his son played.
The school chairman, who also was the coach of the soccer team in his boys school noticed her presence. She stood out. She would always run around cheering his son. Though without noticing, as she ran, her big massive tits juggled up and down seductively. The chairman, an old mature man was horny and really lustful towards her.
One evening when the school boys were done with soccer and had gone to change their clothes, the chairman decided to invite the hot sexy MILF into her office. When she entered the chairmans office, the horny bold old man pounded on her pressing her on the wall grabbing her big juicy tits. She tried to resist but he was stronger than her. She started feeling horny as the old man caressed her tits and pussy. She had not been fucked in a while.
She then started giving in and grabbed his dick and started sucking it. She caressed his balls then stripped all her clothes ready to be pounded by the old chairmans massive impressive huge dick. The old an started fucking the milf, they fucked all the styles they could do in his tiny office. The milf orgasm with pleasure until she squirted. The feeling was unbelievable, it was long since a dick had gotten inside her big pussy and she felt appreciated.

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