Wife Fucks Taxi Driver


One milf had a really rough day. She had been dumped by her longtime young boy for being addicted to rough hard sex. It was not her fault, she was experiencing menopause and it was getting a tall on her emotional life and making her wet her pussy all the time. She decided to call a taxi to go home and pleasure herself with her finger and dildo.
While she was awaiting for her taxi, her mind was only thinking about sex. Really hard rough crazy sex and she would give anything to have her pussy fucked hard and her huge massive sagging tits pulled.
When the taxi arrived, she was already climaxed with pleasure, her mind only thinking of sucking any duck be it black or white as long as it was huge and hard. As she opened the door of the taxi, she saw one fine handsome young muscular teen driving. She decided to sit next to him instead of sitting at the back of the car as the norm. She then grabbed the young teen huge white cock pulling it out of his pants and started sucking it with pleasure.
The young taxi driver astonished but complying pulled down the car seat and started undressing the milf to nudity. They started fucking hard as each felt pleasure with excitement. The young teen really enjoyed the milf hairy pussy as it was tight and her clit were massive and rubbing against his balls. They fucked for long until they both orgasm with pleasure.

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